Vicki Gunvalson Discusses Former Co-Stars: There's No Substance

Vicki Gunvalson Discusses Former Co-Stars: There's No Substance ...

Vicki Gunvalson, a former Real Housewives of Orange County star, left the program after season 14. She appeared on an episode of her former co-star's podcast, The Rick and Kelly show in August 2022. Gunvalson explained why she was not invited to return to RHOC.

I think there are a lot of reasons. I am very conservative and I dont think that it fits into a very liberal network. I also think that I became more expensive and I think that I became older and Im 60 now. I cant help it. I cant change my date of birth. It hurts my feelings, shared the mother of two.

The 60-year-old actress then stated that she thinks Bravo viewers would be interested in her presence on future seasons of RHOC.

My life is so crazy right now, and they are missing so much good s*** in that. Gunvalson said it's not just going to dinners and arguing about what charity you want, it's also real life stuff.

Emily Simpson and Gina Kirschenheiter, stars of Bravo's Bravo series, denied they believed they would make a good impact.

Is there anything there that you can offer? There is nothing to inspire, there is nothing you want to emulate. I mean people come up, Im sure they do it to you too, Ive learned from you, I have life insurance on my husband because of you or I have done this because of you.

Vicki Gunvalson stated that she was concerned when she learned that Tamra Judge would be returning.

Gunvalson expressed an emotion when Tamra Judge announced that she will return to RHOC for its seventeenth season.

She said, I just wanted to let you know that I'm returning to RHOC, and im like, okay, I'm not coming back, are you returning as a friend or full time? And she goes, full time. She said no, it's okay, unless they want me always for the time,' stated Gunvalson.

In an interview with Vicki Gunvalson in August 2022, she discussed Tamra Judge.

Gunvalson discussed the return of Judges RHOC in an August 2022 interview with E! News Daily Pop. She stated that she has mixed emotions about the situation. She said, however, that she is so thankful for her former co-star.

If I were not, she thinks I was not enough to support her by going back on, but that's not the case. Yes, I have FOMO, as any other woman who would be affected by that.

She also explains why she believed Judge was asked to rejoin the RHOC cast.

I thought, what do she have that I don't have? Were both individual people, shell show her t***, I wont, but beyond that, I mean, I like Lucy and Ethel very much. But there's something that Bravo doesn't like about me, and so I had to accept it, said Gunvalson.