Milly Alcock prepares to star in Season 1 of House of the Dragon

Milly Alcock prepares to star in Season 1 of House of the Dragon ...

For many reasons, this weekendsHouse of the Dragonseason 1 episode 5 will be memorable. Story-wise, there is a LOT that will happen as King Visery's condition worsens; what does this mean for the Iron Throne?

Milly Alcock and other cast members will be playing them in episode 6, following a time change.

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Milly and the other actors have the opportunity to discuss their future plans in advance, since the news of the casting change is now available. Here's what Alcock had to say about his future plans to Nylon:

I wish I would be employed again. I do. Im in the first phase of panic. Its like the pre-phase of panic. I dont even know what I will be doing tomorrow. I really do not want to go into another big franchise or series. I want to do something completely personal. I want to do something very intimate and personal.

Watch the silly spelling bee below if you want to have a little fun with some of the show's main cast! It's sure to at least give you a smile.

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