The board game Elden Ring attempts to capture the essence of a FromSoftware RPG

The board game Elden Ring attempts to capture the essence of a FromSoftware RPG ...

A board game called Elden Ring has been announced that will transform one of FromSoftware's finest RPG games into a tactile adventure for Tarnished who wish to go at it alone or fight Elden Ring bosses and enemies with up to four players.

The Elden Ring board game is based on dice-free combat and will recreate the game's usual daring battles against bosses, from one of Godricks' soldiers to the big boss himself.

The game will be released on Kickstarter in the near future, developed by Steamforged, which has produced board games based on the Resident Evil series and even Dark Souls.

Sherwin Matthews, the game's lead designer, said the game will be as demanding as you'd expect from its terrifying reputation.

Sherwin says Elden Rings' vast open world and exploration's fascination were very much at the forefront of our minds during the game's conception and development.

Although the board game is still in its infancy, we can expect some stunning miniatures, faithfully transposed in-game mechanics, and some horrifying boss fights.

Mat Hart, who has joined Steamforged, believes that our objective is to provide authentic tabletop games that capture the essence of what fans know and love about the IP. Fans should expect a dark, richly-realised tabletop world of mystery and danger, with satisfying combat and rewarding exploration. Prepare to lose hours to this game, and to be grateful.

The Elden Ring board game hasn't had a release date as of yet, but you can keep up to date with the game's incoming Kickstarter page and official announcement page.

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