In Fallout 76, where can I find Aster flowers?

In Fallout 76, where can I find Aster flowers? ...

If you want to make your own items, you will need to collect a lot of Aster flowers in Fallout 76.

Aster flower locations

You can't plant and grow your own Aster flowers in the game. This means that you'll need to track it down whenever you need some to prepare some delectable beverages. Aster flowers are an ingredient in the following items:

  • Fermentable Old Possum
  • Firecracker Whiskey
  • Manhattan
  • Firecracker Whiskey Old Fashioned
  • Aster Tea

Aster flowers are quite inexpensive to obtain. Usually, you can get them from just a few locations.

If you want to get your hands on some Aster flowers, it is best to look at several locations. This is because the flowers will usually be picked over in several areas.

  • East Mountain Lookout There are three flowers by the rusty jeep
  • Relay Tower EL-B1-02 Two plants are in the northeast part of the area
  • Palace of the Winding Path You can find a small group of Aster flowers on the north side of the building
  • Whitespring Resort There are a few flowers to the north of the resorts fast travel point by the road
  • Arktos Pharma You can find a large group of flowers northwest of the location

There are a few other locations outside of the ones listed above where you will find the majority of the Aster flowers on the map, although they are few and far between. Map sure to equip the Green Thumb perk if you want to harvest more flowers at the same time since the perk doubles the amount you harvest.