Big Baker story to come to Blue Bloods season 13?

Big Baker story to come to Blue Bloods season 13? ...

Blue Bloodsseason 13 will finally air in just three weeks! We'll be seeing the Reagans again in action, and that's not to exclude some fan favorites.

Why not show some fun facts about Abigail Baker now? In a new Instagram post (see below), you can see a fun behind-the-scenes photo of Bakers having a substantial outfit change! Isnt this picture different from what we normally see her wearing?

If we had to sift out a theory here, it's that we'd rather see a little bit of Baker separate from his job as police commissioner and if so, we'll definitely welcome it! Over the past few years, we've noticed this character have much more to offer and personally, we've hoped that this will last long enough!

Unfortunately, CBS will not be able to provide any additional information at this point on what will come up next. If we were lucky, we imagine that the show would be brief and not necessarily packed with surprising content.

Do you want to see the character have a big spotlight episode? Be sure to share it right now in the comments! Once you have completed all of that, please check back for more updates. (Photo: CBS.)

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