Alex Fletcher, star of Hollyoaks, discusses his role as a real-life family member

Alex Fletcher, star of Hollyoaks, discusses his role as a real-life family member ...

In a new episode of Hollyoaks, Alex Fletcher risks being overshadowed by her father of all people.

Dianne Hutchinson, who played the 'Oaks' in a recent interview with Inside Soap, was asked to reveal the upcoming events.

"My dad is in a few scenes as an extra!" she added. He loves being on the set and I think we can take it for granted that he's the star of the show.

While we await Mr Fletcher's big performance, his soap star daughter has confirmed that her character will debut the hour-long special later this month.

"Well, the opening shot is of Diane cheering, 'Roll up, roll up, enjoy the show!" Fortunately, nothing too shabby happens to her. However, she is dissatisfied with Tony [Hutchinson], because he doesn't return in time.

Tony's bright idea for this carnival is evident, and it'll be interesting to see how he deals with the pressure.

"He orders 100 coconuts and Diane ends up stuffing them under the bed they take over the bar as well," Fletcher said.

"There's a bit of drama when the escape room is plonked outside The Dog: Diane's is attempting to move it while Tony's off having a good time with the lads. Diane's is tearing her hair out, but everything adds to the drama."

Silas Blissett, the man who mustn't be christened, will play a key role in the project.

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