Party City's Epic Vecna Mask Completes Your Cosplay With 'Stranger Things'

Party City's Epic Vecna Mask Completes Your Cosplay With 'Stranger Things' ...

It's officially Halloween season. One of the best parts of this time of year is selecting the perfect outfit and, if you like Stranger Things, Party City has you covered. With a new mask, you'll be able to live out your devilish fantasy.

This isn't a cheap mask, either, it's a latex mask that extends down to your shoulders. From the above images provided by Party City, the mask has some amazing detailed detail that looks like it came straight from the set of the show. It's also very similar to the masks found in Goosebumps' episode The Haunted Mask. Hopefully, unlike that horror tale, this mask isnt possessed.

Vecna has quickly become one of the most popular horror villains of all time, alongside the likes of Freddy Kruger and Michael Myers. Freddy's decision to enlist the help of this charred character was just beyond mesmerizing. Especially when you consider the villain's connection to Eleven, his twist at the center of his character is one of the finest in the scary genres history.

Rarely does a new antagonist who has been tied to years of storytelling before his introduction work as effortlessly as Vecna did in Season 4. It just felt natural and made sense. Thats thanks to The Duffer Brothers and the brilliant writers, but it also has to do with actor Jamie Campbell Bower, who has helped elevate the character to the top of the horror food chain.

On the Party Citys website, you can get the ultra-realistic Vecna mask. You can also save time by hiring a professional makeup artist for the rest of your monstrous transformation. You can also watch Stranger Things Season 4 right now on Netflix.