The weirdest things Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly have done (that we know about anyway)

The weirdest things Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly have done (that we know about anyway) ...

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly seem to have broken up, with Fox erased all traces of MGK from her Instagram and then writing a cryptic statement implying dishonesty. It's just another strange twist in Hollywood's strangest couple's love story.

Fox and Kelly shared secret stories about their relationship that no one wanted to know. Now, with the benefit of hindsight, we may better understand how off-putting they were.

In the summer of 2020, Fox and Kelly announced that they were officially engaged. Shortly after, The Transformers star appeared in Kelly's newest song, Bloody Valentine. If only we'd had the chance to notice it, Kelly would have wanted to tell the world that Megan had the finest feet in the world.

Leider, the situation just worsened from there.

The nail chain is a chain of nails.

The pair decided to go to an event tied to each other, which is absurd enough, yet they decide to add to the weirdness by being chained together by their nails. That’s right — the pair showed up locked together by their pinky fingers.

Drinking blood...but only for rituals

As Fox confirmed their engagement and shortly afterwards admitted to drinking each other's blood, things started to spiral. It's all about rituals, after all.

The thorn ring

Let's talk about the engagement ring. Kelly boasted on his Instagram that he had designed the ring he gifted to Fox, which contained thorns that would hurt if she ever tried to remove it.

He is a weed.

Kelly is well-known for smoked weed everywhere, including on the red carpet. Fox claimed that when Kelly first introduced himself to her, she said, "I am weed." The rapper replied, "I am weed."

Halloween hijinks

We can't forget the time last Halloween when the couple thought it would be appropriate to dress as Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee. They even posted a photo on social media of Kelly snorting a line of white powder off of Fox's chest.

Fox has done and said so many weird and wonderful things in their short time together, including things that no one wanted to know. We can all pretend that this was a horrible dream.