The Winx Sagas Sky is a horse boy because the actor is as well

The Winx Sagas Sky is a horse boy because the actor is as well ...

The Winx Saga, Netflix's live action take on Winx Club, gives the popular magical girl series an updated look. But also, yes, it means the teen fairies party with their pals, post on social media, and meet beautiful love interests.

It's always very important for us to be able to ground the stories in real human emotions, according to the creator of The Vampire Diaries. And to ground the stories in real emotion so that they still feel they're still relatable and they still feel like something that everybody can point to.

The original show featured a small school full of cute boys, which was then renamed Red Fountain. The schools now include in-universe knights, but the live-action program allows girls and boys to train as fairies or specialists, depending on whether they have powers or not. The show also adds a young adult twist to the narrative in a way that is distinct from the original.

Bloom (Abigail Cowen) and oh-so-oh-so-perfectly brooding Sky (Danny Griffin) go on a romantic horseback ride around Skys childhood home, displaying a beautiful display of emotional intelligence normally absent in tall heroic knight-types.

Danny [Griffin] is a horse boy! laughs Young. Danny loves horses so much. In season 1, he came up to us and said, What can you do to include horses in the program?

Because of Griffins fascination for horses, writer Victoria Bata included a line where Bloom mocks Sky for being a bit of a horse boy. A big ol horse scene for the horse boy became imperative.

Young adds: Horses are not easy to deal with. But we just knew we had to do it.

Season 2 of Fate: The Winx Saga is now available on Netflix.