Why do Machine Gun Kelly and Eminem obscenity each other?

Why do Machine Gun Kelly and Eminem obscenity each other? ...

In the rap scene, artists have a tendency to be enraged by great songs. This is exactly what happened between Machine Gun Kelly and Eminem, and their previous conflicts have recently surfaced thanks to MGK's apparent former girlfriend, Megan Fox.

Where did the conflict begin?

This beef has two possible beginnings, one claimed by Eminem, and the other claimed by Machine Gun Kelly.

MGK has discussed a tweet from 2012, which has since been deleted, in which he sexualized Eminem's daughter, Hailie Jade. She was only 16 years old at the time.

Eminem claims that the feud started in his head, claiming that he only learned about the tweet after the fact. What MGK claims is that Eminem's people pressured him to remove it, and talked to him in a conference call. Eminem then supposedly blackballed him from other opportunities, thus MGK's contention that an aging rapper was blocking an up and coming rapper's career.

MGK responded by talking about Eminem on radio programs, before dropping his own diss track, "Rap Devil," which is a play on Eminem's "Rap God." According to Eminem, the only reason he was angered by MGK was because he kept calling him out.

We're not saying that Eminem won by composing his own, and possibly better, diss track, but that's where the pair left it, other than Kelly's occasional outburst, because it's possible that a smaller artist was attempting to inflate his own career by calling him out in public in 2023.