Fans of Marvel's bizarre Marvel stars savor a surprise Marvel star idea for their own spinoff

Fans of Marvel's bizarre Marvel stars savor a surprise Marvel star idea for their own spinoff ...

After Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, Evangeline Lilly wants to do her own spin-off. She wants the Wasp's "darker side" to be explored by many Marvel fans.

During the premiere for the latest Marvel film, the actress talked to Variety and expressed her hopes that the studio would be willing to develop another female-led film centered around the Wasp. She planned to pitch the idea to the Marvel upper management, stating that the solo venture would focus on Hope Van Dyne's darker side.

Several sections of the Marvel fanbase mocked the prospect of a solo Wasp film, but most simply said "no thanks" and left it at that. Others elaborated on why they weren't interested in seeing a Wasp film, claiming the character has been explored enough in the Ant-Man films.

Not all viewers were against the idea, although some viewers do like the sound of a film that emphasizes Wasp's darker elements. The general consensus is that the film should have a lighter tone.

Lilly's recent behavior dominated a large part of the discussion, which might increase her chances of getting a solo film. She has been in the news recently after admitting to attending anti-COVID vaccination rallies. She stated that she would not socially distance or self-identify at the height of the epidemic.

Lilly's behavior toward the whole epidemic has alienated many of her followers, and some believe she may have ruined her role as the Wasp. According to some, Disney may be removing itself from the star due to the controversy she's been attracting. Just like Lucasfilm did with Gina Carano, Lilly is getting closer to achieving her goal.

The Marvel star hasn't been vaccinated yet, and some have suggested that Disney might strike a deal to give Lilly a solo film if she agrees to receive the vaccine. Sounds like a win-win!

Lilly's Wasp is expected to decline because, despite the controversy, there appears to be little interest in her character right now. It's fantastic to see more female-led superhero films, but there are plenty of other, less problematic, women to choose from in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Quantumania, the sequel to Ant-Man and The Wasp, is released on February 17th.