Is James Gunn's Superman: Legacy the starting point for a Super Sons film?

Is James Gunn's Superman: Legacy the starting point for a Super Sons film? ...

The DC Universe is reborn with hope.

James Gunn has released a list of anticipated movies and television programs for the first stage of his new universe, dubbed Chapter One: Gods and Monsters. Among the films were two of DC's biggest three, Batman and Superman.

The Brave and the Bold will feature a younger version of Superman, while Batman — this is separate from The Batman – Part II — will follow Batman and his assassin-raised son, Damian Wayne. Both films will play in the main DCU continuity, so there are some intriguing possibilities.

Will Superman: Legacy lead to a Super Sons movie since we will see a Batman film with Damian?

Who are the Super Sons?

Bob Haney and Dick Dillin directed World's Finest Comics #215, which included Batman and Superman's imaginary sons. They were later reintroduced in the ill-fated DC Comics relaunch, The New 52. This time they were Damian and Chris Kent, the adopted son of Clark and Lois and the biological son of General Zod and Ursa.

Under another relaunch, Peter J. Tomasi and Jorge Jimenez introduced Damian again in 2017. This time, Jonathan Kent joined the Super Sons, becoming Superboy, the son of Clark Kent and Lois Lane.

Since 1973, there have been more than a few comic book runs featuring the pair, most commonly in the classic Batman and Superman comic book series World's Finest. The Super Sons are the younger version of the World's Finest.

Is James Gunn attempting to assemble a live-action Super Sons team by putting Superman and Batman movies together in a shared universe? It's quite possible that you can get different characters to interact with each other once in a while. It's better to incorporate these characters into their own films, whether it's World's Finest or Super Sons.

The Super Sons franchise will have a major disadvantage, as have Gunn previously stated. This is probably one of the main reasons that he won't be played by Henry Cavill in Superman: Legacy. If Superman is going to be younger, it does not appear like he will be old enough to have a child. Thus, if Jon Kent is introduced as a baby, the Super Sons concept will fail.

Instead, Superman: Legacy introduces Lois's pregnancy, and the next entry in the Superman series features Jon at the same age as Damian, balancing out for a future Super Sons film. Instead, the plot could follow Jon Kent's tale in the books, and he might return to a distant planet to age up. That would allow for a young Superman, and a somewhat older Batman, both at the same age.

The majority of Superboy fans will agree that the storyline was not exactly well received. There is another possibility as well. What might be happening is that Gunn is throwing us all for a loop, and Superman: Legacy will focus on Clark Kent, rather than Clark Kent, a younger Superman. This would make sense, especially considering Cavill was not brought back.

This is simply speculation, and we are not suggesting that Gunn has chosen Clark Kent over his son. However, with a name like Superman: Legacy, it is a natural conclusion to draw. After all, one of the first things that comes to mind when you think of a legacy is children. There is always the possibility that Clark might not be as young as we expect, and he and Lois will have already had Jon by the time the film begins. That doesn't quite fit the Superman: Legacy that Gunn has

A Superman: Legacy sequel might have a Super Sons twist, depending on how the timeline has been structured. It might also be possible to include a child Jon in a sequel to The Brave and the Bold as a way of anchoring the timeline.

After Superman: Legacy's release, it's good to see that the DCU has a plan. Even if we don't know exactly what will happen in the next decade, it seems like it'll be a fun adventure.