The Super Bowl might be over, but John Wick's week has only just begun

The Super Bowl might be over, but John Wick's week has only just begun ...

Over the weekend, the official John Wick social media account riled fans up by releasing a special announcement regarding the film's fourth installment.

The Kansas City Chiefs were announced as the 2023 Super Bowl champions on February 12, according to a Twitter post, although the Super Bowl may be over, moviegoers can still anticipate Wick Week as they continue to promote John Wick 4. Wick Week is a weeklong event where fans can enjoy a new exclusive from the film.

The caption for the tweet read, "Game over? Not really. Wick Week starts now." Following the upload, fans opened up about their thoughts about the latest John Wick 4 promotion.

One Twitter user stated that they couldn't wait for Wick Week.

Another person expressed hope that Wick Week would "lead to a new trailer" for John Wick 4.

Another fan has suggested that Wick Week might be a significant week for them.

While an individual took a moment to express how much they enjoyed the whole franchise, they are still waiting to see the sequel.

John Wick follows an assassin, played by Keanu Reeves, as he returns to his life of crime after his wife passes away. The John Wick franchise has raised more than $584 million worldwide since its opening in cinemas back in 2014.

John Wick 4 is expected to be released on March 24.