Greedy DC fans wonder if The Flash might be Batman's answer to Spider-Man: No Way Home

Greedy DC fans wonder if The Flash might be Batman's answer to Spider-Man: No Way Home ...

When DC finally released the new official trailer for the highly anticipated DCEU into DCU game changer The Flash, millions of comic book movie enthusiasts were stunned. Fans are already saying, "Why stop there?" in anticipation of the ultimate Spider-Man (Spider-Men?) reunion in Spider-Man: No Way Home.

When the unmistakable opening strains of Danny Elfman's theme to the original 1989 Batman were revealed in the new trailer, many online fans were already wondering if DC and Warner Bros. Discovery were still keeping a few bat cards close to their hearts. Both actors played the character Keaton established in one consistent reality.

Kilmer has the lowest chance of a cameo out of the five possibilities, given that his throat cancer has drastically altered his voice. However, the actor has worked with AI technology to digitally recreate his voice for a brief moment, owing to his price tag and his embarrassment.

Christian Bale, who wore his cowl after 2012's The Dark Knight Rises, may well be reluctant to reprise the role due to his own desire to be versatile (not to mention the fact that he may be reluctant to participate in any superhero project again following the poor reception of Thor: Love and Thunder).

If anyone comes up again, it may be Robert Pattinson, who has under-contract to DC. Barry talks about accidentally imagining a world without metahumans, but that wouldn't imply The Batman, who has no actual "superpower."Director Matt Reeves may be wary of muddying the waters between his self-contained Elseworld and that of the DCEU and DCCU.

It's possible that the only way to know exactly which Batmen we'll see in The Flash on June 23 is to be in line.