Season 4 of You: Marienne Bellamy's fate, Joe's last obsession

Season 4 of You: Marienne Bellamy's fate, Joe's last obsession ...

You season 4 part 1 will have some surprising spoilers.

Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) is back in season 4 of You, only this time as the brooding literature professor, Jonathan Moore. Although he seems to be enjoying his new identity in the gorgeous, literary city of London, fans are still interested in knowing where he stands with Marienne Bellamy (Tati Gabrielle), and more importantly, what he might have done with her.

In season 3, Joe's savior complex prompted him to murder her husband Ryan, with whom she had lost custody of her daughter, Juliette. Of course, this wasn't the case with Joe's wife and nemesis — Love, who responded in a kind of Love manner. That is, after learning about Joe's obsession with Marienne, she paralyzed him with aconite and plotted to kill her.

After Juliette appeared on the scene, Joe informed Marienne about Joe's intentions and past murders. He instead went to Paris to find Marienne, whom he claimed to be in love with. Since that time, fans have been eager to know what happened between them and whether she suffered the same fate as all of Joe's previous'lovers.'

What happened to Marienne?

Marienne was never mentioned in the first half of episode one, causing questions and curiosities to rise. Did she die from Joe? Did he suddenly choose a peaceful life in the heart of London instead of his old stalking personna? Eventually, we learn her whereabouts.

Joe went to every artist haunt in Paris and I saw them over and over, until luck turned in his favor. On further enquiry, the seller revealed that the artist (Marienne) went to the Acanthus art fair in London.

Joe's big and adventurous visit to London comes to an end when he noticed Marienne at the art fair, who turned away with surprise and fear. "You changed. The buttoned-up Madre Linda librarian was gone, but it was you," he said after seeing her. She confesses to killing her husband Ryan in order to rescue her daughter from her father.

Joe replies unchallenged, confirming her suspicions about him. He allows her to leave the warehouse unharmed. Shortly after, he discovers that Elliot Tannerburg, Love's father, is following him.

The Quinn family was unsure about Joe's death, and Love was chosen as the murderer. Elliot, on the other hand, decides to avoid further murder-for-hire cases. He advises Joe to relocate to Paris and begin a new life. Marienne's presence appears to be a problem for him since she is connected to Joe's previous life and knows that he is alive.

It would certainly not work well for the Quinn family. So, Joe devises a strategy to eradicate every last bit of suspicion over his false identity. He follows Marienne to the train station and, although the possibility of Marienne being murdered seemed imminent, Joe refuses to follow through with the suggestion. Instead, he steals her necklace and sends a photo of it to Elliot, confirming that the mission has been completed.

Marienne hasn't been shown or talked about throughout the season. It is unclear whether or not she will appear in the second part of the series that will be released on March 9th.

Fans have various concerns about this character's possible return. Would she be a key participant in Rhys Montrose's controversy? Is there any chance she will save Joe from Rhys' brutal plans in season two? Or has she completely disappeared from Joe's life, like Ellie in season two?

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