What happened to Moon Girl's dinosaur?

What happened to Moon Girl's dinosaur? ...

A new teenage superhero has been added to the Marvel Universe's Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur animated series. Moon Girl protects New York's Lower East Side with her incredible intelligence and technology, but she's not the only one in her fight against crime. She's got an inter-dimensional dinosaur that has a prehistoric punch of his own.

Warning: the following article includes spoilers for Moon Girl season one and episode one, "Moon Girl Landing."

Lunella Lafayette, a highly intelligent Black girl with an inventive mind, lives beside her loving family who are struggling to keep their businesses safe and profitable. She instead proposes a power generator and tells the story of a top-secret NASA research woman who disappeared. The Lower East Side might have its own power grid if Lunella can complete it.

The Devil Dinosaur came from a different reality.

Lunella returns to work in an old subway station after an attempted robbery. It creates a big red dinosaur with horns, which emerges, roaring, from the blue glow.

Devil Dinosaur loves her after that, but their moment is short-lived when a woman with electric powers intervenes and attempts to take the city's power. As the villain blasts off, a generator box falls down and nearly hits Lunella's classmate — and social media influencer — Casey Calderone, but Lunella commands Devil Dinosaur to rescue her, and he grabs the generator box at the last moment.

Devil Dinosaur returns to her lab and tells him about her work and that of the scientist she idolizes, nicknamed Moon Girl, who ripped a hole in the space-time continuum and brought Devil Dinosaur to the city. He shows that he's open to it, but Lunella doesn't know what to do with him.

Lunella devises a strategy to utilize her intelligence to build equipment and sharpen her skates to protect her community. Devil Dinosaur is happy to assist her out and Lunella shows her the lab where she will test her skills against crime. Casey joins Lunella's growing circle by utilizing her internet abilities for good.

Devil Dinosaur is a dangerous beast, but he has a playful side, particularly with Lunella. The prehistoric beast's deep hunger for fast food is a major motivator, even leading him to abandon Moon Girl for a spell during their first expedition, in order to clean up the trash.

The new team has yet to successfully defeat any bad guys, but their failure drives them to strive harder to become more effective. On a rooftop, Lunella tells Devil Dinosaur that her Bubba Bina would call him a "bondit," which implies rascal or devilish, providing the perfect background for his new name. Lunella learns that a literal translation of the dinosaur's name means a terrifying fire beast that will bring about the end of all things.

With a Disney Plus subscription, you can see Moon Girl and her ferocious dino's adventures for yourself. The next episodes of the animated series will be available on the streamer on February 15.