What if the Rings of Powers Sauron is a jacked-up sword?

What if the Rings of Powers Sauron is a jacked-up sword? ...

The most challenging piece in The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power since the first episode has been the identity of Sauron. We know that the future Dark Lord of the rings will shapeshift in the same time frame the Prime Video series is set, and Galadriel has been relentlessly on the lookout for him since the beginning of the show.

In the early episodes, some good candidates (and some less) have emerged, but it's time to revisit a slightly more out-there theory.

What if Sauron is that messed-up sword?

Theo, a human child born after Bronwyn, discovered a cursed blade in a barn a few episodes back, and has been fascinated by it ever since. Is there a chance that something will be discovered?

It may appear unlikely, considering how many unknown individuals the show has thrust in our faces as potential Saurons, but there is a precedent for imbuing power into objects in this world (just see the title of the program).

Theo learns from the elves about the battle against Morgoth that the sword has become a full sword. It takes a toll, and we can see the mark it has left on his arm in the fourth episode.

Let's imagine that the sword is Sauron, and that he engulfed himself into a cursed object in an effort to maintain his power and relevancy while remaining safe from the predators. Or perhaps Theo will be a model of humans' capacity to resist evil impulses, despite what the elves think.

Checking in with the other Sauron candidates

If you're someone who's still counting on Sauron being the Stranger, this week's episode was a harfoot-less (and giant-less) episode, so there's no news there.

The Halbrand is Sauron crowd had a great week, as he continues to provide mysteriously concealed remarks that suggest he knows more than he has gotten to know (and that he is trying to manipulate Galadriel, something that became even more apparent as he explained to the freaking Galadriel how to manipulate people).

Adar, the elven orc leader, had a significant episode, revealing how little he knows about the world and threatening to be charismatic while doing so. To us, it appears more likely he works for Sauron, but you never know. With this program, anything is possible.