With this Rip and Beth video, Yellowstone delivers the ideal Valentine's Day present

With this Rip and Beth video, Yellowstone delivers the ideal Valentine's Day present ...

Yellowstone, Paramount's number one series, is packed with drama and a compelling cowboy storyline unlike any other. They follow the Dutton family as they strive to find peace and solace in a world that seems hell-bent on destroying them. It also reveals the kind of romance that many dream of in Beth Dutton and Rip Wheeler.

If you were to poll Dutton fans around the world and ask who their favorite couple is, the overwhelming front-runner would be Rip and Beth, the couple whose destiny seemed to be written in the script. Two teenagers who would not have met if not for a heartbreaking set of circumstances were brought together and found love in the rubble and heartache they knew too well.

Beth and Rip had both experienced losses that shaped them on a fundamental level; they went through heartache together and alone that would have been enough to turn anyone off from the idea of everlasting and eternal happiness; this is why their romance is so popular among fans.

They aren't the picture-perfect couple we're usually introduced to when we start a new film or television series; they're not a Cinderella or Prince Charming scenario (but we love them, too); they're authentic in the beautiful and the not-so-beautiful moments they share. Instead of a music festival or romantic dinner out, Beth and Rip got drunk in a car and watched wolves murder an animal.

With each shared moment between them, fans began to realize that they'd both experienced and felt more at ease with the former. It takes a special kind of agony to find kinship in pain; or, they'd both experienced it.

It was love that saved them in moments when words were inadequate and even in situations when words were futile. It was familiar, it was home. Their fierce loyalty and respect for one another is what make this show special.

Fans began to notice when Beth told Rip about the four things she needed in her life. Throughout season five, something has changed, but in the moments they shared near the meadow, Beth realized that she may not have the fairytale version of a forever, but she had Rip.

It does not get much more romantic than that.