Fortnite Chapter 3, season 4 is revealed in the SypherPK skin reveal

Fortnite Chapter 3, season 4 is revealed in the SypherPK skin reveal ...

SypherPK has been teased his new skin for the last week and it was revealed earlier today on Twitch to over a hundred thousand followers. However, some eagle-eyed fans may notice some of the new features hidden within the SypherPK Icon reveal. It's starting to appear like FortniteParadise will add many new features.

Some of the most prominent Fortnite leakers took to Twitter to explain some of the things they noticed in the background, including what appeared to be platforms attached to large orange blimps over the map. The platforms bear the same logo as the company from the summer event, No Sweat Insurance.

Stuff from the SypherPKs trailer for the set regarding map/loot changes: No Sweat Hot Air Balloons New Weapon a chrome-ish tree? POI Changes at The Joneses (POI Change spotted by @FN_Assist)And maybe some more

During the reveal, SypherPKs skin can be seen aiming with what appears to be a new scoped weapon. Its got a longer barrel and a stock attachment on the back. It's not a new weapon, although it appears to be a complete overhaul. As referenced by the new structures in the background, the Joneses' POI might also change.

The Chrome Tornado, which travels the island, turns any furnishings it touches into Chrome. This raises the question what happens to the player if they accidentally touch the metal twister.

A NEW SEASON 4 MAP CHANGE #FortniteParadise Chrome Tornado & Multiple props turn Chrome!

Maybe the floating platforms seen in the reveal will help players avoid the ever-growing Chrome, provided by the mysterious No Sweat Insurance company. Players have just 24 hours before the next update is released, so it won't be long until we see the scope of the Chrome on the island.