Tom Holland and Paddington's director sound like a match made in heaven

Tom Holland and Paddington's director sound like a match made in heaven ...

Here's some great news: A beloved children's franchise and a talented actor who plays a beloved superhero have teamed up on a biopic about one of the most popular Hollywood actors of all time. Yes, Paul King will direct Tom Holland in a film about Fred Astaire.

During the golden age of cinema, Astaire was a singing and dancing performer who appeared in classic films such as Top Hat and The Gay Divorcee with Ginger Rogers and Funny Face with Audrey Hepburn. However, King's inclusion makes the project progress at a steady pace.

We'll get a balanced and wholesome biopic with Holland and King in the mix. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Astaire's friendship with Adele spanned the entire time they were a traveling vaudeville duo.

Adele and Fred split up during her wedding, but it gave him the motivation he needed to focus on Hollywood and his impeccable dancing ability. It went quite smoothly for Astaire, who became incredible rich and famous.

Amy Pascal, Rachael O'Conner, Ben Holden, and Josh Hyams are among the filmmakers who assisted Holland in the musical Billy Elliot.

Jamie Bell, the actor who played Billy Elliot in the film, is staring in a different Astaire movie for Amazon, with Margaret Qualley as Ginger Rogers.

Hall was also the author of Rocketman and War Horse, and he was nominated for an Academy Award for writing Billy Elliot. King recently finished filming Wonka, an adaptation of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. No title or release date for the Astaire film have been announced yet.