Fallout 76 Where can I find Camp McClintock?

Fallout 76 Where can I find Camp McClintock? ...

Appalachia is flooded with wonderful places to visit as you progress through the Fallout 76 campaign. This map is a treasure trove of information, including a large amount of information and items to collect. Camp McClintock is one of the most important spots on the map, one you will pass through quite a lot and one you may want to return to after a while.

Camp McClintock location

Camp McClintock is particularly easy to find during your first playthrough of the game because it is right across the road from where you begin the game; Vault 76. After heading south of the vault, you will find Flatwoods. Travel to the southwest of Flatwoods and you will find Camp McClintock.

Thanks to the army barracks depicted on the map, Camp McClintock is easily visible when you go to Flatwoods or Summersville.

What to do at Camp McClintock

Camp McClintock is used for many quests in the game. It's possible that you won't use it early in the campaign, but towards the end of the game, you'll start getting missions that require you to visit the army base:

  • The Messenger
  • Back to Basic
  • Marksmanship Course
  • Agility Course
  • Patriotism Training
  • Live Fire Training Exercise
  • Overseers Mission
  • Recruitment Blues

Outside of the missions, you can find a lot of ammunition as well as army fatigues and some chems. There are a lot of things to scrap at the convenient crafting work benches in the main building of the camp.