Fallout 76's How to Get the Auto Axe Plans

Fallout 76's How to Get the Auto Axe Plans ...

Fallout 76 is brimming with weapons that range from a standard 10mm pistol to Gatling laser rifles that can fire astoundingly fast. Some questionable items are included in the game, including the Auto Axe, which has since become a popular game among fans.

How to unlock the Auto Axe plans

The Auto Axe is a powerful melee weapon that has been on the public test server for a long time. It took until the release of The Pitt update to get it released for everyone to try out. It is now considered as one of the game's most powerful melee weapons with a ton of builds built around it.

You may unlock the Auto Axe plans by earning a 15th rank on the City of Steel Scoreboard. You may also spend Atoms to rank up.

How to craft the Auto Axe

The Auto Axe is possible when you have a weapons workbench. These workbench can be found anywhere in the map or installed in your camp. You may begin crafting the weapon as early as level 20 and can develop it up to level 50.

To make the Auto Axe at level 50, you'll need the following supplies:

  • 9 Adhesive
  • 10 Gears
  • 10 Oil
  • 10 Screws
  • 19 Steel

As long as you have the required Legendary Modules and Legendary Cores, you may turn it into a legendary weapon after crafting the Auto Axe.