As a huge DC villain, the Walking Dead star joins Superman and Lois

As a huge DC villain, the Walking Dead star joins Superman and Lois ...

Superman & Lois has found its Bruno Mannheim following a teaser at the end of season two, with former The Walking Dead star Chad L Coleman starring in the role.

Coleman's role as the primary antagonist was previously announced at DragonCon earlier this month, but his participation as the primary antagonist is the latest development.

The CW has given his own description of Bruno Mannheim, who has mostly appeared in animated films and series. "He is well-known to most of Metropolis as a local hero, a philanthropist who has rebuilt the city's deteriorating neighborhoods," it states.

With reporter Lois Lane investigating the career criminal's philanthropic facade, there was also a hint on how the character will be used in the program.

Coleman, who currently plays Bill in Fox's The Orville, has appeared in other shows including The Wire and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

In The Walking Dead, he played Tyreese in a recurring role in the show's third season, before becoming a lead character for the fourth and fifth seasons.

The zombie program on FX, which began in 2010, is set to run until later this year, with the remaining eight episodes of the 11th season scheduled to air in October and November.

Norman Reedus' Daryl is one of a number of characters to be granted a spinoff series. His show will take place in Europe, with the actor declaring it will be "f**king epic."

Superman & Lois episodes are currently available on BBC iPlayer. Season 11 of The Walking Dead will be released in October.