The star of Clerks III explains the emotional impact of the final act

The star of Clerks III explains the emotional impact of the final act ...

Un spoilers for Clerks III will be revealed.

Brian O'Halloran, the legend of the Clerks, has talked about how customers will feel after the third film's release.

For the eighth time in a row, the American actor steps back into the slacker shoes of Dante Hicks, co-owner of the Quick Stop convenience store alongside Jeff Anderson's Randal.

During an exclusive interview with Digital Spy, O'Halloran talked about the unpredictable emotional shift in the film's final scene.

"It's an emotional arc that people who were fans since the very beginning will fully understand."

"It's a film about Dante and Randal, Dante and Becky [reprised by Ahsoka's Rosario Dawson], and Dante and the others in his life," he said.

"To see the arc travel the way it does, if it strikes you in the feelings, it's a testament to Kevin [Smith's] excellent writing and once again, based on his own lives that he was able to translate into the script."

The star of Jay and Silent Bob Reboot talked about his 28-year career as Clerks: "I've been lucky enough to portray these stories for [Smith]. So I'm glad people are beginning to notice the effort that was put forth.

"And I am looking forward to hearing from others what they think."

The opinions of the critics on Clerks III seem to be a bit bleak with its Rotten Tomatoes score of 66%.

"Clerks III isn't even supposed to be here today," says the author, but this unexpectedly personal return to the Quick Stop completes the trilogy in a fan-pleasing fashion.

Clerks III is now available in cinemas.

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