Bear Pokemon: The Top 5

Bear Pokemon: The Top 5 ...

ThePokemonfranchise has a large number of Pokemon that are related to something in our real world, whether it be an animal, inanimate object, or food. Many Pokemon enthusiasts may seek out a companion who represents something they love in the real world. With over 900 Pokemon to choose from, it's simpler than ever to find one youll love.

There are quite a few Pokemon to choose from that might reminisce over bears, some in a cuddly manner, and others in a terrifying, ferocious way. Even if not all of these Pokemon are useful on a top-tier competitive team, there is still something to be said for each of them.

Here is a list of the top five bear Pokemon and their evolutions.

5) Spinda

Spinda is a tiny, perpetually dizzy Pokemon inspired by a red panda. Yes, technically, red pandas are not bears, but theyare actually closely related to raccoons, but Spindas design still resembles a regular panda.

Every Spinda has slight variations, and no two will be exactly the same, according to the Canonical Charts. In the main series games, this is also true to an extent. If you encounter a horde of them or hatch several Spinda from eggs, they will not all have the same spot patterns.

Spinda will not be the most useful asset to a competitive team or even entering the Elite Four in hopes of a flawless run. Spinda has terrible base stats, 60 all around, and cannot evolve into anything. Realistically trainers will only keep a Spinda on their team if they are fans of its design, movement, or unique spot pattern.

Spindas' unique motion is definitely the distinguishing feature. Most Pokemon are programmed with a unique idle animation in addition to their battle animations. Some simply stand there patiently waiting for their trainers' instructions, and some move occasionally. Flying Pokemon often flap their wings constantly, yet for Spinda, who are always dizzy, they are constantly trying to restore their balance.

The Spinda dance has become a popular activity, due to its ability to dance to any song. Some people find the dance soothing, while others find it attractive. Either way, Spindas charm saves it from becoming a useless Pokemon.

4) Stufful and Bewear

Stufful and its evolution, Bewear, are Pokemon that are designed to look like stuffed animals or teddy bears. Stufful resembles a bear cub, while Bewear is an adult bear in a couple of episodes.

Bewear has a small tag on its backside that looks like a teddy bear or a tag you would find on the back of a teddy bear purchased at a store. This is a design trend most Pokemon enthusiasts want to see fade away. It is interesting to see that this species evolves on two legs rather than four.

Stufful is about as useful a Pokemon competitively and in-game as Spinda is. While playing through the beginning of a main series game, a Stufful might prove useful, but it never really shines until it evolves into Bewear.

Bewear, despite being a stuffed animal, is a very bulky Pokemon ideal for defensive and physical maneuvers. Both Bewear and Stufful are actually Fighting-type Pokemon. Bewear, on the other hand, is a natural clumsy Pokemon that prefers to be touched or held. It's this contrast of what is expected from a Pokemon that looks like a teddy bear that makes both Bewear and Stufful an important item on this list.

3) Teddiursa, Ursaring, and Ursaluna

Teddiursa is another Pokemon that resembles a teddy bear but acts more like a traditional bear cub in anime and video games lore. Teddiursa's most striking design feature is the crescent moon on its head. It may not make sense to look at the first stage in this evolutionary line, but it does reveal the Pokemon's final evolution until Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

Teddiursa is portrayed in the Pokemon anime as a curious young bear cub that hides in any situation. The crescent moon on its head transforms into a circle on its stomach.

Ursaring is a fantastic Pokemon to battle with in almost all Pokemon games. It still retains some cute bear-like traits, shown in its Pokedex entry from Generation 4, which reads, "In its territory, it leaves scratches on trees that bear tasty fruits," but the big bear towers powerfully in battle.

Ursaluna is the last evolution in the line, but it is only possible in the Hisui region inPokemonLegends: Arceus. The bear will develop once more if a trainer gives Ursaring a Peat Block during a full moon, so keep it handy.

Ursaluna becomes much more dangerous than Ursaring. Teddiursas distinctive crescent moon on its forehead turns into a full moon peeking through the clouds on Ursalunas head. The bear also goes down on four legs in its final evolution.

2) Kubfu and Urshifu

The first DLC for Pokemon SwordandShield for Kubfu and Urshifu is the star Pokemon of the Isle of Armor. Secondly, neither of these bear Pokemon can be seen in the wild, although a young Kubfu is obtained from the dojo master on the Isle of Armor. Kubfu is relatively high-maintenance.

Kubfu is a funny fact: this Pokemon has the same gender ratio as every starter Pokemon in the game, 87.5 percent male and 12.5 percent female. This is, by design, to make it harder to breed Kubfu and obtain more of them, making them even rarer.

Kubfu also has two new pathways towards Urshifu development: training in the Tower of Waters will produce a water-type Urshifu, while training in the Tower of Darkess will produce a dark-type Urshifu. The towers almost function as gyms in the DLC.

Kubfu and Urshifu both have a wonderful past and special connection with their first trainer, and once fully developed and prepared, Urshifu is a top-tier Pokemon at almost all levels of battle in a variety of different settings. Urshifu is even a great Pokemon to build a deck around in the Pokemon TCG.

1) Snorlax

Snorlax is a classic fan favorite Pokemon, and it would be an absolute crime not to include it first on this list. The big, fuzzy, bear-like Pokemon is one of the most popular games and franchises, sharing many characteristics with bears.

Snorlax has a large amount of impact on Pokemon media, from manga to feature films, and is often seen napping on the side of a road or stuffed its face with treats. Though it isnt the face of the franchise quite like Pikachu, Snorlax has certainly earned its respect.

Snorlax may not appear too special for new fans at first glance, especially when compared to some of the less-debuted flashier Pokemon in the franchise. Now, with Pokemon with many different types and glamorous designs, some may fall asleep on Snorlax. But our big fuzzy, hungry childhood friend remains our number one bear Pokemon.

Snorlax is not only a valuable piece of equipment to any team defensively, but it has the ability to learn high-powered attacking maneuvers. In both the main series games andPokemon Go, including a Snorlax to your team to bulk it up can be a smart move.

If you like bears and are a Pokemon enthusiast, whether casually or competitively, there's sure to be an ursine friend for you!