Roblox contains all of the secrets from nicos nextbots

Roblox contains all of the secrets from nicos nextbots ...

Nico's nextbots is a survival horror game based on Garry's Mod. Players are spawned in an abandoned mall filled with creepy PNGs who are constantly looking to kill them. It's easy as it getsrun, hides, and stays alive for as long as possible. There are plenty of hidden Easter Eggs in nico's nextbots.

Nextbots from nico have uncovered all of the secrets and Easter Eggs.

The nextbots in Nico's has a slew of hidden treasures for the player to discover. Many of these are Easter Eggs from various media, including Garry's Mod, which the game draws inspiration from. The following are all of the hidden treasures you can find in nico's nextbots.

If you're bored with running around the mall, you can try your hand at the Backrooms. The backroom is a secret room in nico's nextbots, filled with nextbots like Speed, Patrick, Sponge, Roblox, Claude, Crabbo, and Nerd.

A stray soccer ball will often be found in nico's nextbots parking lots. You can even kick it around by moving over it.

In many of the nextbot safe rooms, players will find a yellow book with Java written on it. This is a real life Java reference book, which might strike a chord with you if you are interested in the field of Coding.

The only safe area players can find and shelter in is a bathroom. Inside the bathroom, you will find two suspended toilets hanging from the ceiling. Not the most environmentally friendly of solutions, but surviving against nextbots was never going to be a difficult task.

Subclub is a coffee shop located on the second floor of the mall. Behind the restaurant is a small backroom with a few boxes, watermelons, and a vent. Nextbots can sometimes spawn inside this area, so be cautious.

In some rooms, vents may be found all over the building, such as the one in the Subclub backroom. If you are being chased by a nextbot, make sure to check out the vents.

Another small Easter Egg pays respect to nico's nextbots, Garry's Mod. Players will notice an Error sign as they enter the basement parking lot. This Error sign is inspired by a similar sign used in the popular Garry's Mod game.

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