(September 2022) Heroes of Crown Codes

(September 2022) Heroes of Crown Codes ...

In Heroes of Crown, you must gather the ultimate party of heroes and masterful strategies to guide them to victory in battle. Or, you may relax as they complete the battles while you collect resources for the kingdom.

Codes are extremely useful as an idle game. You may use them to acquire the necessary items you need to buy important upgrades or new characters! Although most of our codes include basic resources like Gold and Diamonds, there is an occasional code that offers additional bonuses such as Ascension Stones and Reforge Stones.

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All Heroes of Crown Codes List

Updated: September 16, 2022

Updated the page and added new codes!

Here's a look at all of the working Heroes of Crowncodes.

  • CoolDownRedeem for 300 Diamonds and 200k Gold (New)
  • sharetipsRedeem for 200 Diamonds, 100k Gold, and a 100k XP Potion (New)
  • RuinsHuntRedeem for 300 Diamonds and 200k Coins (New)
  • WELCOMERedeem for the Open Beta Boost Bundle (New)
  • hero777Redeem for the Sea Witch hero and 200 Ascension Stones (New)
  • hero888Redeem for a new hero and Ascension Stones (New)
  • hero999Redeem for 100 Skin Vouchers (New)
  • signupRedeem for 300 Diamonds and 200k Gold (New)
  • GIFTSRedeem for 500 Reforge Stones, 500 Diamonds, 500k Gold, and a 250k XP Potion (New)

These Heroes of Crown codes no longer work.

  • Party
  • Milestone
  • GreatDay
  • creators
  • 2ndmonth
  • MonkeyKing
  • SecondMonth
  • funnyname
  • MidAugust
  • LeftHander
  • Difference
  • NewSkin
  • onemonth
  • Family
  • NewHero
  • Invite
  • LadyFury
  • SundayFun
  • surprise
  • thanks
  • newone
  • GOchamps

Heroes of Crown FAQ

Here's all you need to know about Heroes of Crown codes.

How to redeem Heroes of Crown codes

It's simple to redeem codes for free rewards in Heroes of Crown.

How can you get more Heroes of Crown codes?

Woobest Games, the creator of Heroes of Crown, is active in their community and regularly updates their social platforms, including the official Discord and the developer's Twitter. Most codes for the game can be found on one of those platforms as soon as they are dropped, or you can bookmark this page and keep an eye on the game for new codes!

Why aren't my Heroes of Crown codes working?

Invalid codes are most common because they are entered incorrectly. If possible, copy and paste the codes directly from our website into the game. If not, check to ensure you're using the correct characters (even spaces!) and capitalization.

If you are certain you have spelled it correctly but the code isn't working, then it may be expired. Be sure to let us know in a comment and we'll investigate if we need to update the page.

What is Heroes of Crown?

Heroes of Crown is an idle RPG game that makes the gameplay of the game easy for the player. Your objective is to collect the finest and most powerful characters to defeat opponents in battle and acquire resources to strengthen your military and kingdom.

There are also codes for hundreds of other mobile games, including some of the most popular ones, like Tears of Themis and Honkai Impact 3. Be sure to check out our Roblox Games list for codes for that platform!