Should you start a startup business or acquire a stake in BitLife?

Should you start a startup business or acquire a stake in BitLife? ...

The Business Special Career allows players to establish a brand new business, sell goods, and meet demand. However, before players may reach new heights with their new business, they must choose how they wish to start one.

If you are new to the BitLife update, you should probably choose Startup. Startups also require less money to start a business in the game.

If you want to save money or run an already existing business, or have already tried a few startups, you should go with the Acquire option. In short, existing businesses are unlucky, and some may be successful with tons of fantastic products, while others may be unsuccessful. Because of this, acquiring a new business is an excellent option for experienced players as you may need to spend at least 80 million dollars to do so.

How to create a Startup in BitLife

Under the Job/Occupation tab, you must open the Business Special Career to create a startup. Select the Startup option then select from a list of potential startups to create:

  • Check Demand
  • Check Competition
  • Earn enough money to invest

How to Acquire a Business in BitLife

Under the Business Special Career in BitLife, you must choose to Acquire a Business. However, before you can Acquire a Business, we recommend making at least 80 or 60 million. You will also need a lot more money to help resurrected potential failing businesses.