Codes for Anime Power Tycoons (February 2023)

Codes for Anime Power Tycoons (February 2023) ...

Power Tycoon, an anime fighting game, has put an interesting spin on the Roblox tycoon genre. While you must build up your tycoon, you must also calculate for combat.

Anime Power Tycoon codes will give you various rewards. These are subject to expiration dates, so make sure you use them as soon as they expire.

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List of Anime Power Tycoon Codes

Here are the most recent active codes for Anime Power Tycoon.

  • ANIMEPOWER—Redeem for 10K Cash (New)
  • 30MVISITS—Redeem for 10K Cash (New)
  • UPD18—Redeem for 10K Cash (New)
  • UPD17—Redeem for 10K Cash
  • UPD16—Redeem for 10k Cash
  • UPD15—Redeem for 10k Cash
  • UPD14—Redeem for 10k Cash
  • UPD13—Redeem for 10k Cash
  • 15MVISITS—Redeem for 20k Cash
  • UPD12—Redeem for 10k Cash
  • UPD11—Redeem for 10k Cash
  • CHAINSAWMAN—Redeem for 10k Cash
  • HALLOWEEN—Redeem for 30k Cash
  • UPD10—Redeem for 10k Cash
  • 10MVISITS—Redeem for a Boost
  • ANIMEPOWER—Redeem to get 2.5k Cash

These Anime Power Tycoon codes are no longer valid:

  • UPDATE8—Redeem for 10k Cash
  • UPDATE7—Redeem for 10k Cash
  • UPDATE6—Redeem for 10k Cash
  • UPDATE4—Redeem for 5k Cash
  • RELEASE—Redeem to get 5k Cash
  • UPDATE1—Redeem to get 5k Cash
  • 1MVISITS—Redeem to get 20k Cash
  • UPDATE3—Redeem to get 5,000 Cash

How do I redeem codes in Anime Power Tycoon?

Redeeming codes in Anime Power Tycoon is super simple. These will reward you with cool prizes, such as coins, gems, accessories, and more. Here's how to redeem codes in Anime Power Tycoon and earn rewards.

  • Click the ABX icon on the bottom-left side of the screen.
  • Select the Type Code text box.
  • Input your code and hit Redeem.

How to Get More Anime Power Tycoon Codes

Join the official Anime Power Tycoon Community Group and the Discord to receive new codes and receive updates from the developer. As new codes are added, we'll update this list as they go live.

If a code is no longer active, check back to see if any additional codes have been added or have expired. We can update this list as needed as soon as a code is active.

What to Do With Cash in Anime Power Tycoon

Cash is the most essential resource in Anime Power Tycoon. You use it to build your base, adding drops, multipliers, decorations, and other items. As you spend money, you can earn more and speed up your cash flow.

What is the term Anime Power Tycoon?

Power Tycoon is a combat-based tycoon game that lets you build up tycoons based on your favorite anime and manga. Claim One Piece, Naruto, Demon Slayer, and other popular anime as your tycoon and upgrade it to increase your power. Be the ultimate anime tycoon boss.

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