Best Teams in the Pokemon GO Ultra League

Best Teams in the Pokemon GO Ultra League ...

The Ultra League in Pokemon GO is a challenging game to teambuild for. The Pokemon available are made up of a strange mixture of lower-level threats from the Master League and the MVPs of the Great League. As it turns out, combining these two groups together gives trainers a large pool of Pokemon that can cover each other's weaknesses.

Which teams should trainers build for Ultra League?

  • Lead: Cresselia
  • Safe Swap: Registeel
  • Closer: Scrafty

Cresselia has one of the finest defensive walls around, and both of them survive a Foul Play from Scrafty. Registeel can also bait in opposing Fighting-types, and once these are dealt with, Scrafty is usually free to sweep.

  • Lead: Tapu Fini
  • Safe Swap: Giratina
  • Closer: Regeisteel

Giratina should be able to overcome a fairly large weakness to Trevenant thanks to a special connection between the three Pokemon.

  • Lead: Swampert
  • Safe Swap: Trevenant
  • Closer: Talonflame

The Fire Pokemon deals with the Grass types that beat the Water Pokemon, which also has its Electric weakness covered by its Grass-type partner. Swampert is special, though, because it only responds to Grass-types, and it's difficult to find better responses to Trevenant and Talonflame.

  • Lead: Galarian Stunfisk
  • Safe Swap: Giratina
  • Closer: Virizion

Virizion should be free to clean up after the Beast is gone.

  • Lead: Giratina
  • Safe Swap: Registeel
  • Closer: Obstagoon

Obstagoon is another Pokemon that can do significant damage once the opposing Fairy is gone. Giratina is the leader for that purpose; if it can at least get a couple of shields off the Fairy, Registeel can help.

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