Codes for Anime Power Simulator (February 2023)

Codes for Anime Power Simulator (February 2023) ...

In Roblox clicker Anime Power Simulator, you can lead your favorite anime heroes into battle! Equip your warriors then send them into battle as you enhance their abilities with your deadly special abilities. Continue winning until you reach the top of the leaderboards.

Codes in the Anime Power Simulator can either reward you with items or coins. Items will appear in your item bag and may be used to boost your gacha luck or XP for a limited period of time. Coins are used for spins on the various Units machines, giving you new troops to lead into battle!

List of Anime Power Simulator Codes

These are all the working Anime Power Simulator codes.

  • 5kLIKES!—Redeem for Yen Boost (New)
  • REWORK!—Redeem for 1x EXP Boost item
  • 2.5kLIKES!—Redeem for 1x Luck Boost item
  • RELEASE!—Redeem for 250 Coins

These are expired codes for Anime Power Simulator.

  • 1kLIKES!—This code has expired
  • 250kVISITS!—This code has expired
  • GAWRGURA!—This code has expired

In Anime Power Simulator, how do I redeem codes?

To redeem codes in Anime Power Simulator, follow the following instructions.

How to Get More Codes from the Anime Power Simulator Discord and Twitter

The Dragon Roblox Group (NRPG) is a good place to start. You may also follow @benther123 on Twitter, which has a useful Updates channel, and the Infernothedub YouTube Channel.

Anime Power Simulator codes are quite unpredictable, as they must be rewritten correctly. You should also make sure not to mislead any numbers for letters, as a single error may make a code invalid. This means it may no longer work, and you'll have to try another one.

How to Use Anime Power Simulator to Get More Free Rewards

If you want exclusive codes for Anime Power Simulator, go over and subscribe to YouTuber @redtrite. You'll need both the Channel ID and the code to use them, when available. Then, go up the first ramp in-game to the black and purple character that says SUBSCRIBER REWARDS above it. Enter the information to claim your free rewards!

What is the acronym for Anime Power Simulator?

Anime Power Simulator is a Roblox clicker game that rewards you with Coins to equip your best units. You'll also earn additional skills by defeating particular bosses multiple times.

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