In Cookie Run Kingdom, how do I get Cream Puff Cookie?

In Cookie Run Kingdom, how do I get Cream Puff Cookie? ...

Cream Puff is a member of Cookie Run: Kingdom's awesome Cookies that you'll never forget. She can also play the role of healer and DMG dealer in the team. However, unlike most characters, Cream Puff Cookie isn't available from the usual Gacha. Here's what you need to do.

In CRK, how do you get a Cream Puff Cookie?

Cream Puff Cookie is only available in the Guild Gacha. To get to it, join a Guild and go to the headquarters at the bottom right of the screen. Once inside, click on the Gacha button also on the bottom right, which will take you to the Gacha menu.

The Guild Gacha requires a special currency called Heroic Torches, which can be obtained for free when you play the game. You will earn Toppings, EXP Star Jellies, Treasures, and other resources by completing a draw once on the Gacha.

  • 0.300 percent chance for Cream Puff Cookie
  • 1.000 percent chance for Cream Puff Cookie's Soulstone (one to three per draw)

Cream Puff is the only Cookie that is available from the Guild Gacha. There are no other reliable methods of getting her in the game.

In Cookie Run: Kingdom, how do I get Heroic Torches for the Guild Gacha?

Heroic Torches can be used to draw in the Guild Gacha. They can be purchased for free and are quite straightforward to obtain, as long as you participate in the game. You can farm them by following these methods:

  • Guild daily check-in
  • Guild Battle reward
  • Guild Battle Medal Shop
  • Tower of Sweet Chaos (occasional reward from chests)
  • Occasional rewards from events

Heroic Torches may be obtained through paid packages in the Shop. However, we don't recommend purchasing packages specifically to get this currency, because the Guild Gacha isn't enough rewarding to shell out real-life money.

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