In Minecraft Survival Mode, these are the 11 best houses ever built

In Minecraft Survival Mode, these are the 11 best houses ever built ...

Building houses is one of Minecraft's most vital activities. They provide a safe haven from the world around you, and serve as a base of operations and a storage space. You may also customize it to make it visually appealing.

In Minecraft Survival Mode, these are the top 11 house ideas.

A Mansion is as luxurious as it is practical. The amount of detail you can add is incredibly large, limited only by your imagination and the effort you're willing to devote to it. But it will pay out in the end because you'll have something to show your friends that you're more than a simple survivor!

If you're on the highlands or woodlands, this cottage-themed house represents function rather than form. It'll give you a true sense of home with its warmth and coziness.

Invoke the feeling of true samurai by constructing an Asian-inspired house in the middle of a bamboo forest or near a waterfall. It's a great location to store your swords and a smithing stone, as well as an excellent base for an Asian-themed RPG.

Building a house in Nether requires skill, but it's a great challenge to put your survival and house-building skills to the test! Such a task requires you to survive in the Nether and be comfortable enough to build a sturdy structure that will stand up to the assault of nasty creatures from such a realm.

The safety of a floating house is at its finest! Simply putting a house over any water surface eliminates the likelihood of it being blown up, and you may be as creative with it's design and material choice as you want. The only tricky part is establishing the foundations, which will need to be grounded to the ground.

Building towers is one of the most efficient Minecraft survival strategies because it offers a great view point and a small footprint on your surroundings. Going vertical comes with disadvantages as well, as you'll have to keep your feet steady during the construction. Fall damage might get you before enemy mobs do. You only need a small farm in the bottom to be as resource-efficient as possible.

Making a home underground is usually the first thing newcomers to Minecraft do to survive the first night. It's simple, quick, doesn't require much planning or building skills, and it's not resource-intensive. Your home may not appear like much when you see it from the outside, but you can always enhance it from the inside when you've got enough confidence.

Nothing says "medieval" like having a stone house. A small house made of cobblestone may not have a wormy, homey feel like a cottage, but it makes up for it in practicality and safety. Stone is a relatively abundant resource in Minecraft, and making a house out of it does not require much effort.

Why not go all out and build a castle designed for a king? This structure is great for RPGs as well as for reimagining adventures with your friends.

When you go on adventures, having a duplex for your friend is always more enjoyable than staying alone in the woods! It's equally convenient to have a home for two while simultaneously giving you your personal space! Just make sure not to do any construction work during the night while your neighbor sleeps!

A sea house will take a while to build, but it will be worth it since it will be a testament to both your skill and patience. You may want to go small, at least initially, to keep the construction simple and functional.

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