Crossword Clue: A in the machine (insignificant)

Crossword Clue: A in the machine (insignificant) ...

Don't let one word clue stand in your way of completing the crossword puzzle! Here at Pro Game Guides, we'll be happy to assist you with all of your crossword puzzle needs no matter how tough the crossword clues are. This time, we have a solution to the "A... in the machine" (insignificant) crossword clue.

Sometimes, the answer to crossword puzzles seems to be straightforward if you take a closer look. For instance, the clue to "A ___ in the machine" (insignificant) gives you a hint. What can happen inside the machine that may appear insignificant but also important simultaneously?

Answer to the crossword clue "A... in the machine" (insignificant)

COG (3 letters) is the answer to the A... in the machine crossword clue, which has appeared in most popular online and print publications like the LA Times, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and others.

A term used in the computer is a person who performs a job that is part of the larger system. Although every job is crucial, others may think that they are insignificant.

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