In Hogwarts Legacy, all 11 Demiguise Statue Locations are on the World Map

In Hogwarts Legacy, all 11 Demiguise Statue Locations are on the World Map ...

You may have already searched for Demiguise Moons in Hogwarts or on the World Map. However, there are also many more Moons scattered around the Hogsmeade and the World Map. We've compiled a list of all the Moons to help you locate them.

In Hogwarts Legacy, all Demiguise Moon locations are on the World Map.

The Demiguise Moons are scattered throughout a number of different villages on the map, which is why we've included the map to aid you in finding them, as well as a picture of their exact locations. Most of them will require you to have at least the first level of Alohomora to get there, so make sure you finish that initial Mr. Moon quest to get into the Faculty Tower.

If you don't have the Floo teleports to all of the towns, look around your map for matching names and then click on them to activate a marker to assist you in getting there. Remember, you can only grab the Demiguise Moons at night, so please open your map and press in the appropriate stick to wait.

Here's where you can find them all:

From the Pitt-On-Ford Floo, go left down the path till you find a carriage on your right side. Once inside the house, go all the way up the stairs to discover the Demiguise Moon on the bed to the left.

From the Upper Hogsfield Floo, head straight forward, and then discover a locked house on your left side with a wheel leaning against the front. You'll need to use a level one Alohomora to get inside, and then you'll see the Demiguise directly in front of you on a stool.

Locate the house directly to your left of the Aranshire Floo. This house requires Alohomora level one to unlock and then enter to find the Demiguise Moon between the beds and the desk.

Turn around and enter Lower Hogsfield Floo. The house will be directly in front of you, through the gate. When you enter the house, you'll notice the Demiguise on the floor beside a small dining table and chairs.

From the Brocburrow Floo, turn straight forward and past the stone fences to the house. The Demiguise is inside on the lowest shelf of a bookcase next to a room divider.

From the Keenbridge Floo, head west, toward the western side of the town, and find a level one locked house. Once inside, the Demiguise Moon will be on the steps on a table.

The house will be directly in front of the Irondale Floo, with its round gable roof. Look around the bar to see the Demiguise on the floor.

From the Feldcroft Floo, turn left and follow the path to the house at the very end with the clotheslines in front. This house will require a level two Alohomora. Once inside, the Demiguise is to the left on the window sill.

Three other Demiguise Moons will require you to travel to the lower southeast part of the map, which you may have to wait for until you complete the third trial. You should have no issues after finishing the third trial.

Start down the dirt path to the right of the Marunweem Floo, where you will find the first house on your left with a level 1 lock. The Demiguise will be behind another bar counter on the floor.

From Bainburgh Floo, turn left past the fenced-in hay area, and you'll find the Demiguise on a small side table. Unlock with a level one Alohomora and then enter to find the Demiguise on a small side table.

From the Cragcroft Floo, exit the abandoned building and go to the right into town. Follow the road forward and around to the left until you arrive at the small shop. The house is directly behind the shop and requires a level one Alohomora. The Demiguise is right inside on the bedside table.

These are all of the World Map Demiguise Moons for you to collect, but be sure to check out the Hogsmeade locations as well. There are thirty statues in total among all three regions, but you'll have no difficulty upgrading your Alohomora once you've obtained the level one or unlocking spot.

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