You Should Try These 15 Fun Sims 4 Challenges

You Should Try These 15 Fun Sims 4 Challenges ...

The Sims 4 has a slew of challenges, and it can be difficult to pick out which ones to try out. That's why we've broken down a list (in no particular order) of challenges worth doing. We've got everything from devious widows to hideous clothing. Try them all if you want a real challenge.

15 Best Challenges to Play in The Sims 4

15 - Prison

If you want to control a group of Sims, purchase a lot and build a prison! The Prison Challenge is as straightforward as it sounds. Trap Sims in your lot and hold them there till they complete all skills and tasks necessary to demonstrate that they have been rehabilitated. This is a great game for both creative and chaotic Sims 4.

14 - 15k Starter Home

The 15k Starter Home Challenge is designed to allow you to build your house and begin your life with a modest 20,000 simoleons. We find it to be a great introduction to challenges because it has a shorter completion deadline and less rules.

13 - Decades

Do you want to immerse yourself in the lives of your Sims from different periods? Try to adapt the clothing technology and the world of your Sims from each generation to maintain them living in the decade they came from. This challenge is fairly short in terms of gameplay.

12 - Black Widow

The Black Widow Challenge is a great choice for the Sims player who wants death and drama. Have your Sim (of any gender) marry many wealthy Sims with the sole intention of murdering them after marriage to reclaim their cash. Continue doing this until your evil Sim is filthy rich! This challenge will give you tons of opportunities to express your most depressing Sims 4 thoughts.

11 - Berry Challenge

The Berry Challenge is based on the same gameplay and styling as The Sims 4 Decades or Legacy Challenges; this one requires players to live color-coordinated lives as part of their family. We highly recommend it for the novelty factor.

10 - 10k Starter Home

This is a more challenging version of the 15k Starter Home. You only need 10,000 Simoleons to construct your Sim's starter home. Be sure to spend as little money as possible.

9 - Super Sim

Do you want a Sim who is excellent at everything? That's what you do in the Super Sim challenge: get one Sim and have them do as much as they can in their lifetime. Have them master all of the skills, have all of the jobs, and anything else you can think of! This is a challenge where managing time is critical, so make sure to make the most of every moment.

8 - Apocalypse

The Apocalypse Challenge is a great option for those who like to experiment with gameplay and role-playing. They'll be able to stay on their lot forever because the rest of The Sims 4's world has been ravaged by an unexpected Apocalypse.

7 - Rags to Riches

If you've played The Sims 4 for any length of time, you've probably already heard of the Rags to Riches challenge. If you don't, try out this activity!

6 - Off the Grid

This challenge is available in a variety of styles, whether it is eco-friendly or rustic. Live on a remote farm, on an island, or anywhere in between. Just build a lot, and change its feature to Off the Grid. The Sims 4 will allow you to live a normal life without water or electricity. Be inventive!

5 - 100 Baby Challenge

The 100 Baby Challenge, a popular Sims 4 tradition, is all about chaos and creativity. Start with a founder Sim who has childbearing abilities. Raise them well and when the time comes, pass the torch on to a child in the family.

4 - One Pack Per Room/Sim

Do you want a quick, easy, and accessible challenge? The One Pack challenge is ideal for those who want to spend as little as possible on their Sims' wardrobe, a room, a whole home, or a whole family.

3 - Budget for Each Room

This is a fairly straightforward but extremely enjoyable challenge! Set a reasonable minimum amount (anywhere between 1,000 and 5,000) and see what you get! It can also create a hilarious contrast between a modest bedroom and a luxurious bathroom.

2 - Breed out the Ugly Challenge

The Breed Out the Ugly Challenge, which is based on a lineage-based challenge, can be a lot harder than it may seem. You'll then try to attract suitors and have children with them until you feel an offspring (at the adult age) is no longer ugly.

1 - Everything you Hate

The Sims 4 is a game in which you are bound to have many things you cannot stand. This might be the iconic eyeball ring or a random couch. There are no exact rules in this challenge. The only goal is to discover those CAS or Build/Buy items you cannot stand and incorporate them into your gameplay.

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