Kickstarter for an Elden Ring board game is coming soon

Kickstarter for an Elden Ring board game is coming soon ...

Steamforged Games has announced the official Elden Ring board game from the creators of the official Dark Souls and Resident Evil board games. Fans may pledge money for the game's release and receive exclusive rewards. These might include player mats, game expansions, and additional game items.

Steamforged Games is also responsible for the immensely successful Dark Souls board game, which raised more than three million pounds on Kickstarter. The Elden Ring board game contains many intricate pieces, with careful attention to detail, so we can expect it to have a similar quality of craftsmanship as the Dark Souls board game. The developers have released a small amount of information about the Elden Ring board game, claiming that the Kickstarter campaign will be "coming soon."

On the same tweet, we get a strange invitation, saying, "Undertake a new adventure with us, Tarnished." Despite the limitations of the game, we can't wait to see some of the community's favorite characters, including Blaidd the Half-Wolf andIron Fist Alexander.