What is a Magic Candy and how do I get it in Cookie Run Kingdom?

What is a Magic Candy and how do I get it in Cookie Run Kingdom? ...

Magic Candies are enhancement materials that resonate with a Cookie's soul, increasing their stat boost and strengthening their Skill. As updates go by, Cookie Run: Kingdom is continually adding more Magic Candies.

In Cookie Run: Kingdom, what is a Magic Candy?

Select Cookies with a Magic Candy level 50 or higher may be slotted into them naturally, rather than through the Hall of Ancient Heroes. Each Cookie has a unique Magic Candy with equally unique properties that can give them significant stat and skill boosts. Likewise, each Magic Candy cannot be created using Resonant Ingredients specific to the Cookie.

In CRK, how do you make & use Magic Candy?

After reaching the level requirement, you must level up a Cookie with a Magic Candy slot to level 50 or above. You can tell by looking at which Cookies have a black circle next to their character icons.

Next, click on the plus sign on the upper right of the Cookie to access the Magic Candy crafting menu. This will appear as a lock if the Cookie doesn't meet the level requirement.

From here, you may make a Magic Candy with Soul Essence, Sugar Crystals, and Resonant Ingredients. The Resonant Ingredients may be obtained from the Magic Laboratory (minimum Kingdom level 35) and are unique to each Cookie.

Magic Candy is only required to make one attempt to obtain its base stats. You may modify it further by using the same ingredients, but each upgrade has a chance of failure, failure, and super success, similar to Toppings.

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