Solution & Guide to Hogwarts Legacy Herodiana

Solution & Guide to Hogwarts Legacy Herodiana ...

The first two puzzles in Hogwarts Legacy are fairly straightforward, but the third puzzle can be more difficult.

In Hogwarts Legacy, how do I solve Herodiana Puzzle 3?

Herodina's third puzzle has only one movable block. Start by carefully pulling the large golden block to the right hand side wall. If you do this, the block will run over you and you'll have to return to the entrance again with a rest puzzle.

Next, use Depulso to press it toward the golden stand. Then, climb up the stone blocks on the right hand side of the room and pull the golden block toward you with Accio. This should create a bridge for you to walk across.

Use a basic cast on the cube to reset the puzzle when you reach the next set of stone blocks. As shown above, you should still be standing on the far stone blocks.

To finish the puzzle, push the reset key toward the exit, then again toward you one last time, forming a stairway toward the door.

In Hogwarts Legacy, how do I get to the extra chest?

If you want to be a crafty witch or wizard who doesn't miss a thing, there is an optional chest you can reach with gear inside. You'll need to do this before you solve the puzzle and enter the final door.

Instead of pulling the block to the right hand wall, push it toward the door. Next, carefully aim and push it into the back right corner of the room. Then use Accio to pull the block toward the cube in the stand. Repeat the process below until the block is positioned correctly.

To complete the puzzle, you'll need to draw the block toward you one last time, then either push or pull it to the left hand wall.

In Hogwarts Legacy, this is one of Herodiana's simpler puzzles. If you need assistance with some of the later ones, check out How to Complete Depuslo Puzzle Room Two in Hogwarts Legacy here.