In Wild Hearts, it takes a village to defeat Kemono

In Wild Hearts, it takes a village to defeat Kemono ...

The village of Minato and the world of Wild Hearts are in jeopardy due to the deadly Kemono. It is your job to protect them, but you are not the only one.

"Meet Natsume, Suzuran, and others: From blacksmith to scientist, each will be vital to your survival against the fierce Kemono," according to the Wild Hearts Twitter page. They cannot do it without help. With the assistance of Minato's residents, you will be able to save the village.

Natsume, the blacksmith, Ujishige, the soldier, Seren, the scientist, and each of these individuals will provide valuable assistance in assisting you defeat the Kemono and gather Celestial Thread.

As a hunter, you'll become the legend who saves the world by taming and defeating the wild Kemono. However, remember that you don't have to do everything on your own. Together with the village of Minato and other hunters, you'll be able to defeat the Kemono once and for all.

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