Hogwarts Legacy has five collection chests in the South Wing

Hogwarts Legacy has five collection chests in the South Wing ...

In Hogwarts Legacy, there are a slew of collection chests hidden away in hidden places. Most of these can be found by exploring the world and solving various puzzles. You will want to discover all five collection chests in the South Wing section of the Hogwarts castle.

In Hogwarts Legacy, all collection chest locations are located in the South Wing.

As indicated by the progress bar shown in the mini-map, there are a total of five Collection Chests that can be found in the South Wing of Hogwarts. One chest will require you to unlock a level three lock using Alohomora. Therefore, be sure to collect as many Demiguise Statues to complete Gladwin Moon's side quest.

The first Collection Chest near the Clock Tower can be seen on the bottom floor of the Clock Tower Courtyard. The door containing the Collection Chest will be to your right, and will bear a unicorn's logo. To solve the Clock Tower puzzle, you must first freeze the pendulum using the Glacius spell right when it swings above the unicorn's symbol.

The second room in the Clock Tower that contains a Collection Chest is the one with the entrance bearing the pendulum's face. Take the stairs opposite to the balcony, then exit into the wooden balcony. The room will be to the left side of the balcony. Similar, use Glacius to freeze the pendulum over the corresponding logo of an owl's face, and the door will unlock.

The third room with a Collection Chest inside is located on the third floor balcony of the Clock Tower. As with the previous rooms, you must use Glacius to freeze the pendulum over the corresponding logo to open the door.

The Faculty Tower in Hogwarts has a Collection Chest. Start by entering the Faculty Tower's South Wing, then enter the Faculty Tower's Third Floor. Here, you will find a burning fireplace. Use Glacius to put out the fire, and then you can climb up the stairs to a room.

The last Collection Chest in the South Wing is hidden in a secretive room. Once you arrive, take the Floo Flame point in the South Wing and continue heading towards the Faculty Tower. However, instead of entering the Faculty Tower on your right, continue heading straight and take the swirling stairs that descend. You will be taken to a secret area by interacting with it.

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