Kingdom Might of the Ancients guide for Cookie Run

Kingdom Might of the Ancients guide for Cookie Run ...

In Cookie Run: Kingdom, Might of the Ancients is a permanent event, which allows all players to receive one of three Ancient Cookies and an exclusive Landmark for free. It's a simple task-based event that's simple to do—even for new players. The hardest part is selecting which Ancient Cookie you want on your team.

In CRK, how do I complete Might of the Ancients?

Start by going to the event menu and selecting Might of the Ancient on the lefthand corner. You may also access the event through the Cookie menu, where you must click on the button at the bottom left of the screen.

Hollyberry Cookie, Pure Vanilla Cookie, and Dark Cacao Cookie will be required as your choice as a permanent item.

At the start of the event, you will receive the Ancient Cookie of your choice immediately; however, it will be locked to certain game modes. You must complete four tasks to unlock additional game modes where the Cookie may be used.

Your Ancient Cookie can only be used in World Exploration at the start. However, after you complete the stage one task (clear 20 World Exploration stages), you may use it in Bounties and Tower of Sweet Chaos.

  • Stage one: Clear any World Exploration stage 20 times.
  • Stage two: Complete Today's Bounties 15 times.
  • Stage three: Meet 40 Cookies (own 40 Cookies).
  • Stage four: Compete in the Arena 40 times.

If you're a free-to-play player, the stages two to four are time-gated, but they're fairly straightforward to complete. A week should suffice to complete all tasks, which will allow you to use the Ancient Cookie freely in all game modes.

Completeing each task will reward you with Brilliant Memory Fragments. Collect all four to unlock a Landmark called the Eternal Hero Memorial, which increases Ancient Cookies' HP by 20 percent at max level.

In Might of the Ancients, which ancient cookie should you choose?

If you already own Ancient Cookies, consider purchasing one you don't already have to add variety to your roster. Here are some tips to assist you in this regard:

  • Hollyberry Cookie - a reliable, no-brainer tank who does her job well. Her straightforward kit lacks versatility but manages to defend the frontlines regardless of the game mode.
  • Pure Vanilla Cookie - an amazing healer that can support allies with a strong shield. He's a popular pick in the Arena despite the saturation of great healers in the game.
  • Dark Cacao Cookie - a strong and reliable Cookie that can debuff the enemy's ATK and DEF, making him especially useful in longer game modes, like World Exploration and Guild Battles.

Ancient Cookies are fantastic members of your team, so choose the person you need the most from. Pure Vanilla Cookie would be our top pick due to his extraordinary healing abilities and general versatility, but all of the options are great.

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