How to Play Hogwarts Legacy on a Mac

How to Play Hogwarts Legacy on a Mac ...

Hogwarts Legacy is available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. Those who are sufficiently dedicated can find workarounds, although the content varies from title to title.

Is it possible to play Hogwarts Legacy on MacOS?

There isn't a way to play Hogwarts Legacy on Mac. Similarly, traditional methods for playing games on unsupported platforms like Microsoft's Game Pass or nVidia's GeForce Now, unfortunately, don't include Hogwarts Legacy. However, that won't stop determined witches and wizards.

Hogwarts Legacy may be installed on Macs with an Intel CPU, but it will require some effort. The first step is to partition your hard drive and reserve at least 200GB of space for both the upcoming Windows installation and Hogwarts Legacy.

Use Apple's Boot Camp Assistant to partition the drive and install Windows. Once that's done and Windows is up to date, download Steam or the Epic Game Store to purchase and install Hogwarts Legacy.

Macs that use Apple's proprietary M1 or M2 chipsets will need to add an Xbox to the mix. With that and a copy of Hogwarts Legacy, players can stream the game to their Mac using OneCast. For $19.99, players can purchase the software and then stream it to their Mac.

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