How to Complete the Hogwarts Legacy's Plight of the House-Elf Quest

How to Complete the Hogwarts Legacy's Plight of the House-Elf Quest ...

There are a slew of side quests to complete around Hogwarts, and while not all of them are required to complete for the main story, they can still provide valuable loot and rewards. Deek in the Room of Requirement may have noticed your handy companion, who has a request that isn't for the faint of heart. Here's how to get into the Spinners Cave and collect some loot.

Walkthrough for Hogwarts Legacy - Spinners Cave

In the Room of Requirement, Deek will guide you to a cave north of Hogwarts: Spinners Cave. To get there, you can take the Floo to Upper Hogsfield and fly your broom off toward the west until you reach the entrance of the cave.

Once you get to the entrance, you'll notice immediately that this is a spider-infested cave, so be on your guard and have some fire spells at the ready. You'll need to burn the spider webs at the entrance to enter.

You'll need to hold A/X to jump across the walkway, but nothing that you've already fought at Jackdaw's Rest.

Then you'll come to a minor fork. On the left there's a small opening, but you can't get past it. Here you'll see a giant-sized spider crawl past the opening, hinting at a boss fight later on. You can grab the Galleons pouch at your feet and proceed further into the cave.

The player's character will discover that Tobbs hasn't appeared in a while. To the right, you'll notice some spider eggs on the wall. The best way to avoid them opening and releasing all of the hatchlings is to destroy them before they hatch. This will help you avoid a fight with a dozen of tiny baby spiders.

Follow the path leading to the cavern, breaking all spider eggs you see along the way. This gap will lead to the location you've already been to, and you'll need to return to it. You'll eventually reach a slope that will make your character fall to the bottom.

Another of Tobb's little campsites will be explored further down the cave. Continue around and to the left by breaking through some webs. This will lead you to another smaller passageway your character will climb through until you reach a taller wall. Hold A/X to climb up. Once you have entered a bigger entrance, you will find the main boss fight of the cave.

The Acromantula is a level 28, so it may be more difficult to defeat. Other spiders will also spawn near your area, so you'll have the opportunity to defeat several enemies. You'll want to make sure you've sorted your spells properly. Fire spells do more damage to smaller spiders.

The key to avoiding the Acromantula's lunging attacks is to avoid its stomping legs, indicating when it is about to launch a charge. This will warn you to begin dodging when a red flash appears on your screen. These lunges are formed of three consecutive attacks, so keep doingdging three times.

Once the spider has been defeated, climb up the wall to the left with the lantern and twist the webs to continue forward. You'll come to a second gap that you must jump over by using A/X. When you cross, you will come to a barricade. You can do this by using any explosive-like spells such as Confringo or Bombarda.

Tobbs is located here. Find the note in front of him to learn what has happened to him, and you'll need to make your way out of the cave to return to Deek. When you reach the bottom with a shipwreck of sorts, you can break through the barricade to your left and then swim over to grab additional loot pouches and leeches.

Follow the path to the right down and around the shipwreck until you reach a room with a chest. You'll need to climb another barricade to reach a final exit. Return to the Room of Requirement and speak with Deek.

How to Get All of the Spinners Cave Chests in Hogwarts Legacy

Here's how to locate all of the chests on your journey through the cave after a detailed walkthrough.

You'll notice a chest at the bottom right of the first gap in your path. You can climb down the rocks directly to your right and retrieve the loot. Once you've reached the entrance, turn to the left and collect another chest.

Continue forward by breaking through the webs until you reach the larger room. You'll notice a chest just behind the spider eggs. To avoid killing the hatchlings, break through more webs to find a loot bag.

Once you have defeated the Acromantula's lair, you may find another chest on the right side. You may climb up the wall and pass through the passage, or you may choose the lower route by breaking through the barricade and climbing up the hill.

You'll come to a third gap in the path that will look similar to the first. You'll find a chest at the bottom right of the map. The last chest will be past the Shipwreck just before you return to the entrance through the shortcut.

The Acromantula makes up for it. It's not an easy task to ensure you use your dodge and fire abilities to your advantage. And, perhaps stock up on Wiggenwald potion.

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