In the Sea of Stars demo, how do you solve the light emitter puzzle?

In the Sea of Stars demo, how do you solve the light emitter puzzle? ...

Sea of Stars is a game that follows a group of adventurers through a whimsical world, defeating monsters and collecting valuable artifacts along the way. At the Nintendo Direct presentation, the developers provided a fascinating demonstration.

In the Sea of Stars demo, how do you fix the light emitter?

The Green Crystal must be collected first from a chest in the emitter room. This chest is just out of reach, so use your Mistral Bracelet to move the purple box up to the chest platform. Return to the light emitter and place it on the pillar to the right. This process gives the emitter green light, creating a green portal.

Look for a chest in the upper-right part of the room after walking through the green portal. You must then cross the broken sections of the floor and climb up to the left plate.

The platforms have been altered once more, so grab the opportunity to leap across the glowing platforms and onto the floor. From here, climb up to the correct platform, hop off the platform toward the glowing plate, then step on it. This opens the wall that previously barricaded the chest, allowing you to retrace your steps and get the Blue Crystal from the chest.

This is where things get a little tricky. You'll always find yourself at a different location in the room if you jump into the portal with the north-facing arrow. Climb up the vertical platforms and defeat the two Wanderers. You'll need to launch basic strikes before you unleashing your powerful abilities.

Ascend the ladder and defeat the Arcane Sentry and Wizcroube. First, walk to the right side of the platform and drop down to the lowest level. Step onto the newly accessible teleporter after completing the battle with four opponents.

Once the blue portal has been cleared, place the Green Crystal back into the light emitter at the same time. A new portal should open. Tap the exit key.

If you haven't rested at the campfire yet, now is the perfect time. There will be more combat ahead, so prepare food beforehand. After you've jumped across the rocks and interact with the glowing pillar, move the purple box with your Mistral Bracelet, and interact with the glowing pillar. This will spawn additional enemies, so be prepared for another encounter.

Move the purple box to the left side of the stone platform before the last glowing pillar, so you can continue the second battle in this section. Click on the image to open the chest underneath the waterfall and retrieve the Red Crystal.

If you combine the Green Crystal and Red Crystal at the light emitter, you can open the gold portal in the same order. However, there are plates nearby that point you to the correct way. Climb the ladder and activate the glowing diamond on the floor.

After you've completed the light emitter puzzle, there's no need to retrace your steps; a lever on the left side will lead you back to the entrance. Return to the light emitter room, then place the last crystal in the central light emitter pillar. This action should create a white portal.

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