Jon Snow's Game of Thrones spin-off: Will HBO release it as soon as possible?

Jon Snow's Game of Thrones spin-off: Will HBO release it as soon as possible? ...

As much as weve enjoyedHouse of the Dragons so far, we must admit that we remain curious and/or stoked to see another entry in the extendedGame of Thronesuniverse. Of course, we are talking here as though the Jon Snow spin-off show will take place! That hasnt even been confirmed yet.

This is what we will continue to discuss in this article; is this show going to be released very soon, or will HBO allow it to continue developing for the rest of its life?

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First things first, we should note that this network does not rush things. If they just don't feel the idea is fleshed-out enough, they wont release it; they've already axed oneGame of Thronesprequel, which was after they invested a lot of money into it and shot a pilot! The Jon spin-off has a lot of potential, therefore we think that they will want to do everything right behind the scenes.

We think that if they can get those assurances within the next month, they'd LOVE to get the word out there before House of the Dragon is finally over. That way, fans of this show may be both excited about a second season of it and other things within the universe.

The Jon spin-off is only one small piece of the puzzle, as there are a lot of other things to consider. We are all adamant that the program would not premiere until 2024.

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