In Michaels Zombies Roblox, how do I get the Return badge?

In Michaels Zombies Roblox, how do I get the Return badge? ...

Michael's Zombies may be your new favorite experience for those who didn't enjoy the non-Roblox series Call of Duty: Black Ops or Black Ops 2 when they were younger; over sixty million people have found comfort in its familiarity. These include the Return bade, which we'll discuss in this short guide.

Michael's Zombies' How to Earn the Return Badge

The Return badge is a perfect example of hiding in plain sight. To begin the process of getting it, go to the experience's main menu and look for the button below. Once you've found it, click on it.

If you do so, you'll be teleported to The Backrooms, a liminal chamber where players are chased by an adorable cat named Michael. To escape The Backrooms, players must find the secret portal that spawns in a random location while avoiding Michael's attack.

Keep an eye on the word that appears at the top of your screen once inside The Backrooms: DETECTED; if he sees you, it'll change to IN SIGHT. When Michael is far from you, the word will say UNDETECTED—that's your opportunity to run and explore!

Run into it as soon as you discover the portal. You should leave the experience completely disconnected and earn the Returned badge upon doing so.

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