In Lightfall, all new Crucible modes will be available for Destiny 2

In Lightfall, all new Crucible modes will be available for Destiny 2 ...

Lightfall in Destiny 2 is expected to be one of the greatest expansions in the sci-fi shooter. Guardians around the world are prepping for the new content, which Bungie has given a hint about in a blog post on Bungie's official Destiny 2 websites, including updates to Crucible.

All new Destiny 2 Lightfall Crucible modes

Bungie has only revealed a small portion of what Crucible fans may expect from Lightfall. This includes new game modes as well as a new way to play Destiny 2's PvP.

  • Countdown (Returning)
  • Countdown Rush (Respawn Variant)
  • Checkmate Control (Crucible Labs)

Countdown and a new respawn variant called Countdown Rush will be introduced in Destiny 2's Lightfall, as well as a new respawn mode before the round finishes.

Bungie is also working on a new feature called Crucible Labs, which allows players to customize their sandbox, weapon damage, ability uptime, and ammunition. This mode has been developed to encourage players to rely on their abilities and tactics rather than the game's mechanics.

Bungie has further plans for Crucible, but this is all the information they have shared for the new game. PvP fans should keep an eye on Destiny 2's future in 2023.

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