In Hogwarts Legacy, how do you get to the kitchens?

In Hogwarts Legacy, how do you get to the kitchens? ...

Knowing how to get to the kitchens in Hogwarts Legacy is an essential part of making sure you've explored every corner and crevice that the game offers. Here's how to get to the kitchens.

Where can I find Hogwarts Legacy's kitchens?

If you're a Hufflepuff, it's relatively easy to get to the kitchens. Simply go to the common room and proceed straight through the doorway that leads into the hall. Follow the hallway until you reach the floor length fruit painting on your right hand side. The painting is located along the entrance to the spiral staircase and the rest of the castle.

If you aren't a Hufflepuff, you can find the kitchens underneath The Great Hall. In the Grand Staircase section, go up the steps and find the floor-length fruit panting next to you.

Once you've discovered the pear painting, run Revelio to grab the Field Guide Page that appears next to the art. If this is the case, leave the painting and complete another quest before returning. It should work when you return.

There are several collectibles inside the kitchen, including a blue basketweave wand handle and a hickory striped robe. There are two field guide pages and a level one locked chest waiting for you to discover them.

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