In Destiny 2, what are commendations?

In Destiny 2, what are commendations? ...

Destiny 2 Lightfall is packed with new features and changes. Not just story and Crucible content, but also new features. One of them is the Commendation system, which may leave you wondering what the Commendation system is in Destiny 2.

Lightfall's Destiny 2 Commendations are explained.

Lightfall's new Commendation feature is a way for players to connect with others and get involved in the community. These features serve as an icebreaker, as well as as awards. Commendations are awards or certificates that players may give during games to express their accomplishments, actions, or contributions.

Depending on how you play, you may earn the Pacesetter or Saint's Favorite Commendation in Playing Trials of Osiris or the Perceptive and Knowledgeable during raids and dungeons.

Commendations are intended by Bungie to serve as a way to strengthen connections between Guardians and also as a way to keep track of player history. As you play, you will accumulate more and more Commendations, demonstrating your abilities and strengths in Destiny 2.

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